Security company G4S is making its debut on the market of solutions for the storage of scriptaction


Security company G4S is making its debut on the market of solutions for the storage of scriptaction

Their solutions for the storage of crypto-currencies offer a crypto currency exchange like Сoinbase, startups with the support of the investment companies like BitGo, or were investment companies, such as Fidelity. However, structures whose safety profile is still of great interest to this market did not show.

G4S is an international company with headquarters in Britain, an organization with a long history and a wide scope of professional activities, or otherwise associated with the security.

The company protects as jewelry, and events, as well as prisoners. Now she takes to ensure the security of digital assets.

The company has designed its solution to offer clients. It is a “safe shelter” with the possibility of access for the owner of the assets of any point of the globe. The price of services will vary depending on whether the number of offline storage devices is required for the customer.

The company expects to use the experience gained in the field of storage of various kinds of assets and values. “Kriptonyte are the same threats faced by financial sector companies: the robbers, skamory, dishonest market participants are prone to fraud, etc., — said a senior analyst in the field of risk G4S Dominic McIver. Our innovative solution will help to protect against these threats, we’ll store digital assets without network access in a secure shelter”.

According to him, the uniqueness of the proposal lies not only in the preservation of digital assets without access to the Internet. “We will divide the assets into fragments to be stored in different shelters independently from each other, and individually would not be of any value. So will get them up no cyber criminals or armed robbers,” added McIver.

The last argument, he said, should not be neglected: the armed robbery of the owners of the cryptocurrency and kidnapping for ransom is not uncommon. Criminals — not necessarily the hackers, and used a variety of approaches, including brute force, reminded the expert.

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