Service Azure added support for Proof-of-Authority


Service Azure added support for Proof-of-Authority

Now users maykrosoftovskie cloud platform Azure can deploy a blockchain projects that use Ethereum Proof-of-Authority algorithm to reach consensus.

This algorithm is a dislike. They say that the PoA has nothing to do with decentralisatie. And it’s true. In OA-network transactions are checked approved accounts. That is, nodes with special powers. They are validators.

It is clear that the situation in which one user more authority and some less, someone may not like. But in PoA-networks no mining, and the speed of operations is much higher than in PoW.

And now Microsoft Azure added support for this algorithm. “PoW is great for public services providing anonymity, explains developer Azure Cody born. But for corporate, private blockchains best for the PoA since all users of such networks are known and can be trusted.”

Now corporate customers Azure can create not only a PoW and PoA services. A new product from Azure suggests the possibility of creating a Parity using the tools of smart contracts. As programming languages developers can use C, C++ and Rust.

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