Service Wyre added stablon Dai


Service Wyre added stablon Dai

This is a landmark addition! Blockchain startup Wyre has partnered with project MakerDAO producing stablon Dai. Now this crypt in pairs with national Fiat available in thirty countries around the world.

Money transfer service Wyre offers a new service — transaction with a stable crypt Dai. When the market swings as hard as it is now, the translation is best done in stalking, or the payee can obtain much less sent.

In addition, transactions in Wyre is much faster than In Bitcoin, or in the Air. This blockchain was created specifically so that the money transfer was carried out quickly. Even faster than international transfers in conventional banks.

“Pairing Dai shopping engine Wyre and the most popular Fiat currencies will allow for cross-border payments almost instantly, as reported in the Wyre. Reducing the time for clearing of the companies can increase the number of payment cycles, thereby increasing profit. Platform money transfers also can use the Dai to save time, because international wires can take up to 48 hours.”

Wyre offers the customers the interface to connect their Bank accounts to their blockchain, following all required KYC/AML requirements. Using this API, users can exchange Dai to the most popular world currencies including USD, GBP and EUR.

“We strive to develop partnerships with such leaders of the stock market, as MakerDAO, — says CEO of Wyre Michael dunworth building. Such projects help the blockchain-sector to grow faster, and users — to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy when making payments”.

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