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ICO Knowledge

I know more about ICOs than I really should, mainly because I was obsessed with them when I first started crypto. Please ask me any questions you may have about them.
I prefer not to offer actual advice on a certain ICO mainly because I do not want to feel bad if it tanks, but I can help in anyway when it comes to buying, moving, selling, and even finding new ICOs.
Ask away!  Smile


Beyond the whitepaper and the website for the ICO what resources do you use to research an ICO before buying? I have discovered that a lot of the websites that appear to be legitimate review sites are actually paid reviews


The website I look at is ICO Rating.

The basics of researching the ICO is all in the whitepaper and social media accounts. There are a lot of fake ICOs out there that if you are really interested in, you need to research more than just the whitepaper though. What I've done before is actually see who's on their development team and managing partners and then went as far as looking up their members on social media including LinkedIn.

It's going as deep as possible in research and actually believing in the project, because either way they are getting rich off the ICO, now you need to get the returns you want over them. Plus remembering that returns are NOT a sure thing and possibly even low returns over a long time.


Cryptinex is considering an ICO. atleast I am. Join the discord for discussion. would love to hear your thoughts.


(07-03-2017, 07:45 PM)Oracle Wrote: Cryptinex is considering an ICO.  atleast I am.  Join the discord for discussion.  would love to hear your thoughts.

I'm already in your discord  Wink


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