Siacoin announced a new hardwork to block ASIC-mining


The development team of the digital currency Siacoin decided to abandon its original decision to allow ASIC Bitmain and am Innosilicon to prevail in the network and spend for this hardwork. They reported about it in his Twitter. When migrating to version 1.3.6 software fork Siacoin will take place on October 31.

Differences due to methods of mining algorithm Proof-of-Work pursued community Siacoin for a long time. It is associated primarily with running your own mining hardware to mine the Obelisk, which is developed by the parent company of the project is Nebulous.

Earlier this year, adopted a decision to waive the lock-mining with ASIC miners from Bitmain corporations and Innosilicon, but now it’s revised to the end of October the planned hardwork.

“After long disputes within the community and a more detailed study of the Economics of ASIC mining, the Sia Core team came to the opinion that it is necessary to update the algorithm Proof-of-Work to block the Bitmain equipment and Innosilicon,” wrote lead developer Siacoin David Vorik.

In addition, he argues that the initial decision to abandon hard forks led to the fact that many users decided to leave the community. However, the latest news from the developers of the digital currency had a positive impact on the price Seacon – in the last 24 hours it rose more than 7%.

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