Smart city in the desert from Elon musk and Blockchains — truth or myth?


Smart city in the desert from Elon musk and Blockchains — truth or myth?

Not the first month there are rumors that the company Blockchains together with the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk is secretly working to create a pilot smart city in Nevada in the largest American Industrial center Tahoe— Reno (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center TRIC). The website Blokt conducted an investigation, gathering all available information about this project.

In fact, about Blockchains known to very few. The fact that the company itself reports on its activities, does not shed light on the scope of work or plans for the future.

CEO Geoffrey burns (litigation lawyer from California, known for the fact that in the past his clients who file large class actions were successful) last appeared in public on 9 October this year. It happened during the Tech Summit in the so-called Girafarig — plant for production of lithium— ion batteries owned by Tesla, in the Industrial center Tahoe— Reno. The event was the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval. Along with the burns was the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, the heads of Dell and other technology companies in TRIC.

Below are the chronology of events of the last nine months, which gave food for rumors about the possible involvement of the Blockchains in the project smart city Elon musk.

In January of 2018 Blockchains acquired in the territory of the TRIC large area (27,000 acres) and began cooking there offices.

Six months later the company showed a group of local reporters his office building. June 21, Channel 2 reported that the Blockchain has completely revamped the existing building, leaving only the old veneer.

It is reported that the building, which will serve as the headquarters of the company, is secured, includes facilities for developers, halls for public and private conferences and several office spaces for ETHNews — an online resource and magazine of cryptocurrencies, Blockchains belonging.

First on the business plans of the company told the head of Department on public relations of the Blockchains Sarah Jones. In an interview with Channel 2, she said:

We intend to be an incubator not only for blockchain technology but also for artificial intelligence, 3D printing and nanotechnology.

Answering the question about how the company plans to use the remaining 24 000 hectares, she noticed that Blockchains can change the world and it is for this space.

At the end of August 2018, the startup has applied for a startup telecommunications service to the Commission on the use of services related to collective access, the state of Nevada. In the application of the Blockchains is defined as a company committed to develop its own blockchain application, create a project incubator and present “real-life uses of the blockchain in TRIC and Painted Rock” (Painted Rock — the nearby area, it is of interest to us, the organization also bought).

The document says:

Blockchains Communication [the new structure created in may 2018 and owned by Blockchain] intends to create and develop a new passive fiber-optic network with the aim to provide telecommunication services to companies operating in TRIC and future residents of the surrounding areas.

Moreover, in Appendix 6, under “Potential projects” the company claims that Verizon Wireless (the largest us provider of telecommunication services) conducts with her negotiations on the construction of a base station that intends to place on land belonging Blockchains:

The station will house telecommunication equipment, to provide a wireless solution that is in harmony with the efforts of Blockchains Communication transformation of the telecommunications industry.

Last October 9 the Tech conference, organized by the Governor of Nevada, where Jeffrey burns played side by side with Elon Musk, was an event that warmed up the rumors about their collaboration. The joint project is the only logical explanation for the fact that Blockchains acquired a plot of land the size of New Zealand.

Speaking at Gigaparts, the Governor appealed to the head of Blockchains and called the company “one of the most important pages in” the future of Nevada. For his part, burns said that the startup plans to create a unique and unprecedented “sandbox” for the blockchain technology, but gave no details. He also said that his company “will change the entire planet” and said that over the next ten years Blockchains will hire from 10 000 to 20 000 employees.

Tweet that Elon Musk wrote on 22 October, was another piece of the puzzle. On the question of two-factor authentication in the account of Tesla, Musk clearly gave the answer:

Want to buy bitcoins?

A simple mention of cryptocurrency was enough to spread rumors.

23 Oct Blockchains posted on its official YouTube channel the teaser, ending with the slogan “I don’t want to wait.”

The heroine of the movie — a girl in the desert in the sand is drawing ones and zeros, telling how the blockchain is changing the world for the better is the key to a brighter future for everyone.

No matter what was discussed: o the pilot project of smart city, a giant blockchain incubator or something else, burns said that the company will announce its plans on 1 November during the conference blockchain developers in Prague.

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