Solana rolls out new features for trading Crypto on regular social media apps

Solana rolls out new features for trading Crypto on regular social media apps

Solana rolled out the Blinks and Action feature, allowing users to buy crypto, tip vendors, and transact directly on the blockchain from regular websites and social media apps.
The Solana Foundations says “Actions” will allow developers to integrate Solana ecosystem transactions into regular websites and apps.

The Solana Foundation, in collaboration with Dialect, an on-chain smart messaging protocol, built “Actions and Blinks” (also called “Actions”), a set of features that allow users to interact with the Solana blockchain directly from a website,  popular social media applications, or QR code.

The feature aims to bring Solana closer to everyday users by allowing developers to integrate virtually all transactions into websites and applications that regular people already use.

Actions and blinks on Solana allow any website and application on the internet to be a distribution point for on-chain interactions – furthering the goal of mainstream adoption,” said Jon Wong, the Solana Foundation’s head of ecosystem engineering.


“From your X feed, you can buy an NFT, tip a creator, receive money, vote, stake, swap, and so much more,” says Chris Osborn, founder of Dialect.

Popular Solana wallets like Phantom and Backpack will immediately support the new features, while others can integrate by following the instructions in the chain’s developer documentation.

Applications like Telegram trading bots, which simplify the on-chain trading process, have been successful and serve as a reference for the viability of features that plug into Web2.

While Solana is not the first to roll out extended blockchain functionality on social media, it is the first to plug directly into Web2 social media.

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