Sony has established a contactless hardware crypto


Sony has established a contactless hardware crypto

A research unit of the Japanese technology of Sony Corporation announced the creation of contactless hardware of the crypto. The device has not yet received the names and common uses in Japan the technology of smart cards for communication with the network of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

According to the staff of the Laboratory of computer technologies Sony (SCSL), the advantage of the device lies in the fact that the user no need to connect it via the USB port.

“In addition, it is possible to safely generate and store the private key in tamper-resistant module of high reliability inside the IC card,” explains the company.

In recent years, Sony takes an active part in the life of the blockchain industry produces their own solutions based on patented technology and scenarios of its use.

The company notes that in addition to receiving and sending cryptocurrency its latest hardware wallet is suitable for performing other functions.

“Hardware crypto on the IC card can not only control the private keys which are used for the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions, but also to manage private keys for the implementation of other tasks, such as granting access to personal data using blockchain technology,” writes Sony. “It infrastructure technology with many possible applications.”

Whether contactless crypto Sony produced for the mass market, not reported.

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