SONY is thinking about cryptocurrency




Sony unveils contactless cryptographic wallet in preparation for a cryptosystem?

Department of research and development, Sony introduced a new contactless hardware wallet cryptocurrency storage, which can indicate that the giant e-Commerce can make a big step in the cryptocurrency space.

Laboratory for computer science Sony has prepared a contactless cryptographic wallet.

Department of research and development of the Japanese Sony Corporation, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. issued a press release in which reveals them working on contactless wallet cryptocurrency storage cryptovariables such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

The wallet uses a contactless integrated technology for additional comfort to investors. Traditional hardware wallets with cryptocurrencies such as purses Ledger’s Nano and best wallet based on the USB interface, but his wallet will allow the user not to use the cord and conduct transactions from any device equipped with NFC.

Sony said that the purse is “a small, portable and useful, unlike ordinary wallets available, and will have reliable protection from unauthorized access to the IC card to enhance security.”

While Sony Computer Science Laboratories is a division of the research and development of the company, and many of the child projects are not released as a full product for purchase by consumers, the press release suggests that the company will seek to “commercialization”, to further “large-scale introduction of blockchain technology”, hinting that the company plans a larger step into the world of lock and cryptocurrencies.

Does Sony further movement to the cryptosystem?

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