Sony will protect digital rights through blockchain


Japanese Corporation Sony declared yesterday about working on a system of digital rights management on the basis of the blockchain. The project involves two divisions of the company: Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Global Education.

Announced yesterday, the blockchain-a project of Japanese transnational corporations aimed at the “rights management of digital products”. In a press release reported that the new system will be built on the basis of the developed a year earlier in conjunction with technology giant IBM engine for “authentication, sharing and rights management of educational data and functionality of information processing related rights”.

Sony noted that “the achievements of modern technologies for creating digital content today allow anyone to broadcast and share content,” adding:

“But the rights management of this content is still carried out traditionally, industrial organizations, or by the creators themselves, which requires more effective way to manage and demonstrate ownership rights to the information related to copyright for works created”

The complex process of securing digital rights from falsification provoked the appearance of many different blockchain projects, each targeting a separate niche in this broad area.

Technological features of the blockchain Sony is not raskraivajutsja as the name of the future system. The company described the technology as a whole, as a way of “recording accurate information at a difficult time for subsequent fabrication.”

Sony also announced plans to use blockchain technology for information management and data distribution in a number of different areas, and in August, the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) has granted two patents.

About how the blockchain can help to preserve the uniqueness of digital products and to change the future of the entertainment industry, read the review on Bitnovosti.

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