Spectacular Robert Mueller told why the US needs winnick


Spectacular Robert Mueller told why the US needs winnick

The Supreme court of Greece once again changed his mind and again decided to give Alexander Vinnik of Russia. Before the end of the history of extradition is still far away, since first, the final decision on this matter should be adopted by the Minister of justice of Greece (when it is not clear, as statements from the Minister not in any way comes), and secondly, on 19 September, winnick is scheduled to meet with French investigators, third, USA want winnik on a completely different not related to money laundering reasons and allegedly for the price.

Spectacular Robert Mueller, in charge of the investigation about the alleged Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States in 2016, believes that through the exchange BTC-e, which is related to winnik, bitcoin transactions conducted by the group Fancy Bear, supposedly a division of the Russian GRU.

According to Mueller, with the help of the crypts and the bears had paid the rent of the servers which carried out attacks on the resources of democratic politicians, and winnick can be a witness in the investigation of the activities of this group.

Assuming that Mueller is right, it becomes clear Russia’s persistence in the case of extradition: it is trying to return an important witness. The same can be said of US that use France as another way to get winnik. It is believed that if winnik still decide to extradite to France, then very soon it will be given to US.

“USA kidnapped Russian citizens in third countries, — said winnick in an interview. — France is another way, another link for my extradition to the United States.”

Winnick denies brought against the United States and France accusations of money laundering: “I insist that I did not cause damage to these countries or citizens of those countries, — said winnick. I didn’t know about the illegal transaction.”

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