Sports Leagues That Promoted FTX Are Facing Legal Troubles

Sports Leagues Are Now Being Sued For Promoting FTX: Report

Entire sports leagues are now facing lawsuits for featuring FTX promotions that were visible to their fan base. This comes after FTX investors pursued legal action against a multitude of celebrities and sports stars in the aftermath of the exchange’s collapse.

Some of the sports leagues that reportedly promoted FTX include Major League Baseball (MLB), Formula 1 racing, and Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s racing team.

Sports Leagues Who Endorsed FTX Are Under Fire

According to a recent report, the investors’ lawyers sued MLB, which had a major partnership with FTX. Additionally, other major sporting leaguers signed a promotional deal with FTX before its collapse.

However, it was reported that the FTX investors claim that these leagues “helped push the sale of unregulated securities through promotional deals with the cryptocurrency site.”


Meanwhile, the investors claim that the sports leagues didn’t do their due diligence. Furthermore, they claim the leagues got distracted by the significant money earnings:

“MLB and many others were quick to jump into the crypto world with both feet when they saw the potential for fast money,” 

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Celebrity Backlash Over FTX Endorsement

Several celebrities who endorsed the now-defunct FTX exchange are facing a $1 billion lawsuit.

Some of the sports stars entangled in the lawsuit include Tom Brady, Trevor Lawrence, and Steph Curry.

Additionally, more celebrities from various fields are targets if they endorsed FTX in any manner before its collapse.

Furthermore, there is a lawsuit against several YouTube stars for their promotions of FTX. Some of these creators have as many as 1.8 million monthly subscribers on YouTube.

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