Stabilini: market position and expert opinion


Downloads stable cryptocurrency (tablconv) due to their ability to bring some stability to the world of cryptocurrency. We present to your attention an overview of the current situation stable coins on the market and their possible prospects.

Stablein: definition and types

Stabilini (stableсoins) means “stable cryptocurrency”. They feature a low volatility, which is achieved through reference to traditional assets (most often the US dollar or gold).

Stabilini eliminate some drawbacks of the cryptocurrency, which often serve as the reason for not working with scriptactive. In particular, using tablconv is implemented:

  • facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies to Fiat and back;

  • addressing the risks of excessive fluctuations of the cryptocurrency, without the refusal to work with digital assets.

Stabilini may vary by type of security, which include the following:

  • with reference to Fiat currencies;

  • providing the most stable scriptactive (usually a basket);

  • providing precious metals, oil and other resources.

Despite the obvious advantages of working with stablename, they also have some disadvantages. In particular, the storage, “stable coins” implies the credibility of the representatives of the producing of their project, since they are responsible for maintaining security.

Manager global financial platform “Tugush Blockchain Capital” Gleb Pilecki’m sure it stabilium cryptocurrency can receive distribution push:

“The public interest in the cryptocurrency, backed by Fiat money, in particular the US dollar, it is hard to dispute. A good example USDT, which, despite its accompanying scandals, stubbornly remains in the top ten most common cryptocurrencies. Earlier this month, many experts predicted again this stabilio a quick death, but he managed to stay afloat. Tether Limited has found a new Bank for cooperation and trying to convince everyone that their assets are indeed backed by capital and a company you can trust.

A custom period of uncertainty (to trust the company or not?) — favorable time for all the competitors Tether who do not have a tarnished reputation and financial side of which is debugged much better than stablon trailblazer.

Among the competitors Tether, stands out TrueUSD (TUSD), which is now 45th on market capitalization. During the six months of its existence, the cryptocurrency was able to enlist the support of a large number of users and become a popular alternative to USDT. Maximum price fluctuation of this crypto currency now is about $0.03, which is negligible not only for tablconv, but also to the traditional financial market. The company TrustToken, which became the initiator of creation TUSD is quite promising project. Its activities are aimed at establishing links between traditional and cryptocurrency financial markets. So the future cooperation with some respected Bank could push TUSD to further development and promotion.

Among the released recent coins that I want to mention Paxos Standard Token (PAX). Now he is at the 125th place according to the total volume of capitalization, and I think this is not the limit. A large number of major exchanges have already signed cooperation and trade launched the PAX. Will this stabilin to catch up with TUSD and become another significant competitor Tether, time will tell.

Overall, stabilini able to make a serious push for the adoption of cryptocurrency to the masses – for many investors in the real sector of the economy, their emergence was a revelation and a good call to action. For traders it has opened a lot of opportunities for replacing Fiat currency in commercial transactions. The interest in this niche of the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow, and we will see many more companies trying to conquer their customers in such a lucrative field.”

Popular stabilini

Below are the most popular stabilini with reference to their current rate.

Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

Tokens GUSD standard ERC-20 issued American bitcoin exchange Gemini. Regulation of the circulation Department deals with financial services of new York (NYDFS). Gemini provides its clients with coverage of dollar deposits.

By the way, on the background of the problems Tether, 16 Oct 2018 was recorded absolute maximum GUSD. Coin for a while it could grow to $1.19.

Tether (USDT)

Beneficiary stablon USDT stands cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. The coin was issued by the company Tether Limited, according to which it must provide reserves of US dollars.

The recent unrest caused by the wave of rumors about the problems around stablein, briefly brought down the price to $0.92.

Paxos Standard (PAX)

Released startup the Paxos stablon PAX, whose market capitalization is not so long ago exceeded
$50 million is under the regulation of financial services of new York (NYDFS).

The company’s activities Paxos Trust completely controlled by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Accordingly, all users wishing to purchase PAX, you can be sure that the deal will fully comply with the existing legal framework.


TUSD issued by the company TrustToken. Is a coin, based on the support rate of the US dollar.


Stablon BitShares cryptocurrency exchanges. BitUSD its technical characteristics more suitable for the definition of token – actions.

In the development

It is known that the South Korean marketplace TMON is developing stablon called Terra. The project was invested by the representatives of the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance. Terra will consist of two tokens: the first task will be to stabilize prices due to pressure from Fiat, while the second will be the means to make payments.

The recognition of the effectiveness of tablconv was also supported by the decision of the people’s Bank of China concerning the initiation of a study of the phenomenon, the results of which will allow in the future to create a stable coin on the basis of the yuan.

In addition to the developments, creating tablconv also engaged in a number of other companies.

Distribution and tools for working with stablename

19 Oct 2018 popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has presented
its users a solution that enables mutual exchange of stablename. The instrument is called the HUSD. His work is as follows:

  • after the Deposit of any “stable cryptocurrency”, the user’s account is credited HUSD;

  • with it in the future can be any output of interest tablconv.

The presented solution, according to representatives of Huobi, will allow users to forget about the problem of choosing between a stable cryptocurrency. The project team clarified that at the moment HUSD allows you to work with Standard Paxos, True USD, USD Coin and Dollar Gemini. While support for a new instrument at Huobi OTC will be activated until October 23, 2018. Below is the scheme of work HUSD:

We will remind, the team Huobi start
to work with stablename just three days before the presentation of the HUSD.

Another popular cryptocurrency exchange – Binance also decided to pay attention to a stable crypto-currencies, announcing its intention to add a new listing stabilini. CFO platform Wei Zhou urged not to equate the updates to a loss of trust in relation to USDT, emphasizing that the problems of the Tether, in his opinion, was caused by the spread of rumors. As coins, which first, with most probability, will join the listing Binance, Zhou called Gemini Dollar (GUSD).

In the vastness of one of the leaders in daily trading volume – OKEx also initiated the support of four tablconv. Representatives of other exchanges not far behind from colleagues.

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