Starbucks has denied the information on the acceptance of bitcoins for payment


Press-Secretary of the coffee shop chain Starbucks denied information about the intention of the company to accept bitcoins for payment. This was written the publication of the Motherboard.

According to the Secretary, the company will continue to work on a cryptocurrency platform Bakkt together with Intercontinental Exchange, Microsoft and BCG.

“It should be noted that we are not going to accept digital assets as payment. Most likely, the exchange will allow you to convert bitcoins to American dollars that consumers can spend in our network. At the moment we are working on trading and exchanging of bitcoin, but will discuss further actions with clients and regulators on the development of the industry.”

The news that Starbucks is going to accept bitcoin for payment, was first published by CNBC. It has brought to market a significant proportion of the positive as this event would be a powerful impetus for the entire cryptocurrency market. Now, however, the market may negatively react to the denial of information.

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