Start a blockchain project Konstantin Khabensky postponed because of the conflict founders


Start a blockchain project Konstantin Khabensky postponed because of the conflict founders

“Kina will not be” in any case, in the previously stated deadlines. The founders of the project Сinematix platform for investment in movie — quarreled even before the launch.

The conflict left the project and one of the founders, Nikolay Evdokimov, the owner of the company ICOBox. The cause of the conflict is disagreement about the trade tokens of the project, however, versions of the parties differ.

One party — the actor and Director Konstantin Khabensky and former Chairman of the Bank “Russian Standard” Ilya Zibarev — claim that the Fund Evdokimov, Cryptonomics Capital, began trading tokens Cinematix without their knowledge, and at the stage when the company still was not decorated.

“We have no contracts or approved prices of the tokens, no white paper. We are ready to testify that the Foundation had no right to sell, and under pressure it seems to be said that it would pay back the money,” said Zebari.

In turn, Evdokimov says that the rights to the tokens Cinematix actually sold through the Fund Cryptonomics Capital, but says no secrets from partners may not be considered. “Online there are a huge number of videos from our collaborative activities, which involve Ilya Zebari. In the video he confirms that the rights to the tokens sold through the Fund,” — said Evdokimov.

Previously it was assumed that the ICO project, which was planned to raise up to $20 million, will be completed in September, and then Cinematix will begin full operation. Now, however, due to the conflict of the founders of the deadlines moved closer to the end of the year, and the business model will be updated.

According to zibareva, perhaps the partners refuses the ICO in favor of conventional venture investment. However, it still has to negotiate with investors.

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