Startup Lympo efforts of former Prime Minister


Startup Lympo efforts of former Prime Minister

Taavi Rõivas is considered to be one of the youngest politicians ever to hold the Prime Minister: he led the government of Estonia in 2014, at the age of almost 35 years. Now he became one of the first if not the first former Prime Minister, who headed the Supervisory Board of the blockchain startup.

As expected in such cases, the parties do not skimp on compliments each other. In the message Lympo Rivas, head of the Cabinet of Ministers in the years 2014-2016, is characterized as the politician that contributed to the transformation of Estonian society in one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

In particular, thanks to his efforts, by 2015 Estonia has a full programme of digital identification, giving full access to the field of electronic services has also undergone significant transformation.

“By using digital identity, Estonians are now able to access medical data or even register the business anywhere in the world,” — emphasizes the company.

Sam Rivas notes that the challenges of a startup are related to the field of health and sports, and it is therefore quite clear to him. “I ran my first marathon because for me it was a challenge, and since I’m a fan of running. I’ve seen enough startups, and I know that the key to success for them is a good team. Have Lympo one of the best teams”.

And here the running and health, ask yourself the reader, made his way through the attendants the compliments on the occasion of the beginning of cooperation. Despite the fact that these areas are inextricably linked with the activities Lympo.

The company is implementing the project to collect and process data about physical activity and health of users, encouraging them to exercise tokens LYM. Whitepaper of the company provides that specific exercise and training schedules, competitions and rewards may be announced by third party companies wishing to become sponsors of the project.

In turn, the project participants agree that data about their health and training can be used by this third party. However, with the caveat that this is only possible with the consent of the data owner, according to the GDPR.

Initially, the model tokens and smart contracts on the basis of which they will accrue, was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. But this summer, the company has stated that it plans to move the ecosystem to another blockchain, and that most likely it will be NEO.

As of the evening of 3 September, the token LYM is a 313-th line in the rating of Coinmarketcap, with a market capitalization of $12.4 million Rate of token in recent days has grown by 21.3%, to $0,016 per token.

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