Steve Wozniak co-founded investment blockchain companies


Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, joined the open blockchain venture Fund EQUI Global as a co-founder. Global EQUI combines traditional investment principles and possibilities of blockchain technology, identifying the proportion of investors using their own token EquiToken.

The objective of the Fund is to change classical forms of venture financing by providing market participants with the ability to implement non-institutional investments and trade them on the outside cryptocurrency exchanges when using the Foundation of a token EquiToken. It is known that a token of the Foundation developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

Recall that Steve Wozniak for the first time announced its first participation in biocan project back in August, but until today, the name and objectives of the project remained unknown. As it turned out, any Woz’from blockchain’s initiative on investing in stocks became the Fund EQUI Global.

Wozniak said that in the framework of the Global Fund EQUI he will be engaged in the study of various technology companies in search of a new future “stars of the IT industry”. Woz also added that he regularly receives invitations from innovative startups, however, this is the first time after Apple when he agreed to join the company. According to co-founder of Apple, EQUI Global not only managed to attract his attention, but were able to convince that are true “game changers” in the field of venture capital investments.

“I get dozens, if not hundreds of offers every day, but always say no. I am only a co-founder of Apple with Steve jobs, and this is the second time in twenty years, when I said “Yes”. I want to be a part of this project. It must be something in what I really believe and I really believe in EQUI.”

Wozniak has extensive experience working with many companies in Silicon valley, he is also an electrical engineer, programmer, technology entrepreneur and inventor. In 1976, Wozniak developed the Apple I computer, and in 1977 — the Apple II.

Wozniak will manage the Fund with the founder of EQUI, Doug Barrowman, and co-founded EQUI, Baroness Michelle Monet. In a press release, Wozniak also acknowledged the contribution of his new colleagues in the development of blockchain technology.

It is reported that up to 80% of investments Global EQUI will be allocated to technology companies, and the remaining 20% on “non-assets” such as investment collectibles or real estate.

It should be noted that the co-founder of Apple believes the blockchain “bubble” reminiscent of the dotcom era, but, in his opinion, the technology still has huge potential in the future.

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