Stock exchange Jamaica will add a trading platform for cryptocurrencies


Stock exchange Jamaica will add a trading platform for cryptocurrencies

It is not very clear which coins and tokens will be in the listing, but the administration of the Jamaica stock exchange (JSE) promises that customers will get the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency to the end of 2018.

The development platform for trading digital assets is engaged in the blockchain startup Blockstation — last week the JSE has signed with the Memorandum of understanding.

According to managing Director of the JSE Marlene Street Forrest, the idea to offer the cryptocurrency as an investment alongside traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and other investment instruments. “We are interested in tokens, smart contracts, our goal is to offer this part of the market, who are interested in such products it to be reliable and safe,” she said.

According to Street Forrest, Blockstation takes care of the technical side of the project, and the site will be accommodated using the existing infrastructure of the exchange, and access to it will get listed investors.

The head of the JSE has also stated that the exchange is interested in the possibilities of the blockchain and intends to study them closer, perhaps, to issue its own cryptocurrency sometime in the distant future. “The situation is changing, the entire ecosystem is changing, and over time it may become relevant,” she added.

In turn, the co-founder Blockstation J. Waterman announced that his company was working on a prototype platform to trade scriptactive in conjunction with the JSE for almost six months. Stock exchange the special requirements for the development of mechanisms to identify manipulation in the market, as well as for other regulatory needs, he added.

“We provide exchange technology to trade digital currencies using a blockchain is roughly the same as they sell normal securities”, — said Waterman.

However, the exact launch date of the site not yet named — the management of the exchange initially intends to ensure its security for investors, said Street Forrest. “We should make sure we understand what you’re getting into, and practice in working with cryptocurrency”, she added.

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