Stock exchange of Jamaica will sell scriptactive


Stock exchange of Jamaica will sell scriptactive

Soon the Jamaican stock exchange (JSE) customers will see cryptocurrencies as available for trading of the asset.

JSE and blockchain startup Blockstation signed a Protocol of understanding, which will create a new platform for trading scriptactive. It is reported that the launch of the trading platform will take place before the end of 2018. It is not known what the digital currency and tokens will be represented on the exchange.

Marlene Street Forrest, JSE managing Director, believes that, speaking as an investment product of the digital currency will be able to complement the offer of the exchange, which is represented by such instruments as bonds, stocks, etc.

According to her, Blockstation provides the technological infrastructure. At the same time, its own infrastructure JSE will be associated with the new platform, allowing qualified investors can carry out trades with cryptocurrencies.

Also managing Director of the exchange said that the JSE will continue to explore the benefits of blockchain technology, and is considering launching its own digital currency in the future.

Now conditions change and the ecosystem. In the future we will be able to go for it.

Co-founder Blockstation Jay Waterman said that his company cooperated with the stock exchange for six months and develops her individual marketplace. He also pointed out that the JSE has requested that the new platform had the tools to track the manipulation of the market and meet other regulatory requirements.

It is noteworthy that the JSE does not seek to produce a new product as soon as possible. Representatives promise to pay due attention to the protection of investors.

We have formed the Supervisory Board, which deals with the study of the product Blockstation and blockchain technology in General. With his help we will be able to understand what they are doing, and learn all aspects of cryptotrading. The integration of the blockchain will be gradual.

said Marlene Street Forrest

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