Student had installed DOOM on the wallet of John McAfee


Fifteen-year-old hacker hacked cryptocurrency wallet John McAfee Bitfi and installed it on his video game DOOM. This was the hacker wrote in his Twitter, attaching the video evidence.

In recognition of @Bitfi6 and @officialmcafee and their prestigious @PwnieAwards accolades, we’d like to show you @spudowiar playing DooM on his #BitFi secure wallet! Congratulations!

— Abe Snowman (@AbeSnowman) August 9, 2018

John McAfee is positioning his invention as “uncrackable” wallet, in connection with which promised to pay $100,000 to someone who will be able to hack it. This publicity stunt was quickly ridiculed by the representatives of the crypto community: they wondered why he suggested such a “small” reward if 100% confident in the security of the product. After that, the programmer raised the reward to $250,000.

However, even with the promised $100,000, users worldwide started to attempt to hack Bitfi. One of them after carefully studying the device said that the purse is a cheap Android smartphone, which removed all the excess. Other enthusiasts noticed that the wallet every three days, sends data to a server in China.

Then one of the users managed to get root access on the wallet. While the security of stored cryptocurrency has not been compromised, but the security of the device began to doubt more and more people.

In response, McAfee stated that root access does not mean that a wallet is hacked. He will be hacked when it will be possible to bring all the stored funds.

The press claiming the BitFi wallet has been hacked. Utter nonsense. The wallet is hacked when someone gets the coins. No-one got any coins. Gaining root access in an attempt to get the coins is not a hack. It’s a failed attempt. All these alleged “hacks” did not get the coins.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) August 3, 2018

It is worth noting that such a promotional campaign of John McAfee works quite well. Data on the number of units sold, no, but we can say with confidence that it is in demand among the hackers focused on a reward. The price of the purse is $120.

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