Study: 1 in 3 UK companies suffered in July on “cryptogamia”




Citrix has published a new study which showed that approximately 30 percent of the companies in Britain were victims of cryptogamia in July, as criminals continue to improve malware, to then secretly use the computing power of computers of victims for mining cryptocurrency.

During the study, software company Citrix has asked for 750 IT executives from the UK to share their experience of collision with similar kind of attacks.

For the implementation of cryptogamia component embedded JavaScript on a web site, which then uses the device of the visitor mine for the digital currency, the profits from which floats directly into the hands of criminals.

Attacks are also becoming more productive and Citrix report shows that 59 per cent of UK firms to detect malware in their system. More importantly, 80 percent of the malware found has happened over the last six months.

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