Study: 46% ICO did not collect a penny


Study: 46% ICO did not collect a penny

ICO, of course, interesting and besperspektivnyak method of raising funds. That’s just to announce the ICO is not able to successfully carry out. According to a study conducted by GreySpark, almost half of all placements of the tokens is not able to collect anything at all.

According to the study, taking into account the results of more than 1900 ICO, – for every project that managed to raise $1 million or more have an average of slightly more than one project, the organizers of which failed to attract anything at all.

Another 135 projects are limited to the amount of $100 to $100 thousand — the result is a little better, but clearly not the one hoped by the organizers.

$1 million overcame 733 covered by the study, while 12 of them managed to raise more than $100 million.

Single aspect — the return on investment. These studies indicate that the probability of return on investment is inversely proportional to the time elapsed since ICO.

In General, a positive rate of return of investment immediately after the listing can boast of 44-46% of projects, then this figure is for a month and a half is reduced to 21-35%. The scatter in the data is explained using two sources — GreySpark operates with quotes tokens on Binance and Bitfinex.

The average return on investment increases with time from 24 to 29% to 34-40% for the sixth week since ICO. Thus, we can conclude that the chances of an investor, blogiverse in a successful ICO, the return of their investment quite high.

However, given the findings of previous studies, about which wrote Hash#Telegraph, criteria of success of the ICO and the project as a whole are blurred. Even the token listing on the stock exchange as such is no more than an intermediate step. So, in August the company Invest in the Blockchain came to the conclusion that even in the first hundred Coinmarketcap only 36 projects can boast of a work product. However, this study has raised many critical remarks about what the project can and what cannot be considered a work.

But until the facts are such that the investor ICO, wageprice in tokens of even the most promising project successfully surmount the listing, in most cases either recover their investment within weeks or lose out.

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