Study: Blockchain projects from Israel raised $600 million in 2018


Blockchain startups from Israel managed to obtain investments totaling $606 million for the first three quarters of this year, the report says research firm One Alpha. For the entire 2017 year the figure was $586 million.

Crypto-startups located in Israel, for the first three quarters of this year collected through ICO funds totaling more than $600 million. This is stated in the new report of the firm One Alpha, which deals with the Analytics of blockchain industry.

According to the study, only in Israel 140 blockchain-companies that have raised a total of $1.3 billion. However, 60% of companies and 88% of the funds from the industry used the mechanism of the ICO.

The total amount of fees for the ICO this year was $606 million. A significant number of tomenselo in the second quarter, and was the most profitable first quarter ($315 million).

As noted in One Alpha, in 2017, Israel spent only 20 ICO, but the amount of fees amounted to $586 million. However, the number of ICO projects have increased since the beginning of last year.

According to the Agency, if in 2017 the world had 350 comensales, today this number has more than 800. At the same time, in two years, the ICO funding increased from $6 to $20 billion.

The largest ICO 2018 appeared: EOS ($4.2 billion), Telegram ($1.7 billion), TaTaTu ($575 million), Dragon ($420 million), and tZero ($328 million). Sector investment in ICO is 10% of the global venture capital market.

2017-th year became record on number of the opened crypto-funds — 194, whereas for the 8 months of this year we started work 136 new funds.

CEO One Alpha Yaniv Feldman expressed the opinion that the bear market of crypto-currencies that prevailed for this year was “urgently needed” relief for the blockchain industry, as it returned assessments and expectations on “reasonable level”.

Israel called a “nation of startups” for the popularity of the country this type of business. So, in 2017, all Israeli startups have received funding in the amount of $5 billion.

BitNovosti previously reported that the financial regulator of Israel (the ISA) started to apply blockchain technology to strengthen cyber security. In July, the Czech investment company Benson Oak unveiled plans to invest about $100 million in the Israeli crypto-industry.

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