Study: Demand for blockchain developers in the USA grew by 400% per year


According to research firm Hired, specializing in recruiting IT professionals, the demand for blockchain engineers increased from the end of 2017 400%. The average annual salary in this profession in the US is $150 — $175 thousand.

Blockchain developers in the United States earn from $150 to $175 thousand a year, according to recruiting firm Hired, located in San Francisco. This is significantly above the average salary of IT specialists is $135 thousand, and comparable with the income of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.

Demand has grown due to the fact that large companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have launched projects related to Baccano.

“The market has a huge demand for blockchain,” said the CEO Hired Mehul Patel, adding: “Software engineers are, in principle, the deficit, and blockchain experts and more, which affects their salaries.”

The majority of jobs in IT sector are still names like back-end developer, system engineer or architect, but includes the knowledge of the blockchain as a necessary professional skill.

Engineers who want to specialize in the blockchain, must have the skills of cryptography and design of databases, and also know Java, JavaScript, C++, Go, Solidity, Python, and others.

“The demand for such skills characterises the long-term development planning of companies”, – said Patel.

Summer Russian recruiting portal HeadHunter said about repeated growth of the number of vacancies for specialists in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency compared to last year. However, during the first half of 2018 salaries in this field, according to the same HeadHunter, decreased by 40%.

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