Study: ICO projects hold nearly $1 billion in cryptocurrency Ethereum


Projects that attracted funds through primary offerings of coins (ICO), currently hold 3 330 390 ETH. While 16 400 coins Ethereum in the amount of $4.5 million was sold last week. It is reported Trustnodes, citing research Santiment.

After the Ethereum Foundation, the largest holder of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies is a project DigixDAO. In his “bins” is almost 470 thousand coins Ether cost more than $130 million Is more than the market capitalization of the token DigixDAO ($106 million at the moment).

The largest holders among the Ethereum ICO projects

The next line of the rating took platform distributed computing Golem from 369 thousand coins ETH cost slightly more than $100 million While current capitalization of the coins GNT is $140 million.

The “big three” have entered the project with Status 253 thousand coins ETH (over $70 million). The market capitalization of the coins project is at $135 million

Platform decentralized organizations, Aragon holds Ethereum for an amount more than twice the capitalization of the coins project ($28 million). The value stored Aragon coins Ethereum is $68 million.

Similar is the situation of the project SingularDTV — value ETH in his charge is more than $60 million, the capitalization of the token is $13 million.

In total, the ICO held Ethereum projects worth more than $3 million While Ethereum Foundation provides 660 thousand coins ETH cost just under $200 million.

A “I poslivat” Ethereum

The study analyzed data on 650 projects. 125 of them hold Ethereum in excess of 0.

Thus, the vast majority of the ICO project has sold all attracted by Ethereum. Among such projects — OmiseGo team which last year raised more than 71 000 ETH.

According to the calculations of researchers Santiment the last seven days ICO project has sold 16 500 coins ETH. However, over the last 30 days has sold 136 000 coins Ethereum (about $37 million at current exchange rates).

To similar conclusions reached by researchers of the D2 Capital. According to their calculations, approximately 70% ICO coins Ethereum projects were on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The flow of coins on Ethereum exchange in August 2018

The graph below shows that the ICO projects consistently and in large volumes convert ETH into Fiat currency. However, the most actively this process occurred in may of this year:

The following graph shows that a lot of ETH sold in the beginning of last year, when the price of this coin has increased from 20 to 420 USD. However, the large volumes Ethereum sold in the beginning of this year, when the rate reached its all-time highs.

According to researchers, the massive sales put enormous pressure on the price of Ethereum. In this lies one of the main reasons for the rapid fall of the prices of this coin.

This month, the price of Ethereum stuck below the psychological level of $300.

ForkLog also previously reported that because of the deep drawdown Ethereum and General recession on the market the net asset value of the cryptocurrency hedge funds decreased by 50%.

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