Study: in 20 years because of mining the Earth’s temperature may rise by 2 °C


In the past year due to the consumption of energy from mining bitcoin in the atmosphere were 69 million tons of carbon, accounting for 1% of the total. This is stated in the study, researchers at the University of Hawaii, published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

To predict the ecological footprint of bitcoin in the future, the researchers examined the level of adoption of other innovations in the US, such as credit card machine and dishwasher. It turned out that if the adoption of bitcoin will match the performance of these technologies, after 16-22 years the temperature on Earth will rise by 2 °C. Note that according to scientists, increasing temperatures more than 1.5 °C may cause irreversible consequences for the climate.

Climatic impact of mining cryptocurrencies could soften growth in the use of renewable sources of electricity, according to the study authors.

“The energy consumption of the bitcoin carbon footprint and largely dependent on revenues from mining. If the income will not increase, and electricity consumption will not grow”, — said economist Alex DeVries.

We will remind, in August, Professor, Qatar University John Trabi published a study in which he described the harm to the environment from crypto and blockchain industry.

Meanwhile, according to research analysts at the Swiss financial holding Credit Suisse, the growth of the industry bitcoin mining will not cause environmental catastrophe, despite the active power consumption.

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