Study: mining will lead to environmental disaster


Mining can cause real harm to the environment. To such conclusion came John, Trabi, Professor, Qatar University in their study “the Decarbonization of bitcoin: legal and policy solutions to reduce energy consumption blockchain technology and digital currency”.

This opinion was substantiated by a limited supply of coins of bitcoin. Because of this, their extraction will require more electricity over time. However, he noted that the energy cost of committing a single transaction of BTC equal to the cost of the average home is full of life in Britain for a month.

However, he expressed the opinion that cryptocurrency is the future, so it is necessary to gradually move away from such a costly method of their production.

“A blockchain-the developers did not consider the impact of their projects on the environment, so we should encourage them to adopt a consensus-based protocols that do not lead to a large amount of carbon emissions. If we do nothing, developers will follow the same unsustainable path. We need to resocializarea the associated environmental costs, while continuing to promote the advancement of this important technology,” he said.

The Professor noted that the solution of this problem must be sought now, or mining can lead to environmental disaster.

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