Study: the cost of 70% of the tokens has fallen below ICO price token sale


Market analysis ICO conducted by Diar, suggests that the rate of 70% of the token-ICO fell below their prices during the token sale.

The evaluation 562 ICO projects, providing accurate information about the process of raising funds in the framework of a public offering of tokens, it was found that 7 of the 10 token-ICO priced below its original value established during the token sale.

402 of 562 projects that have attracted at the time more than $8.2 billion, currently worth $2.2 billion.

TOP 10 “bankrupt” ICO

It is also reported that 324 ICO project-more than one third of the projects that have completed their ICO for 2017-2018гг and raised more than $2.3 billion — does not have its own cryptocurrency, standing in the listing on any stock exchange. Half of these projects have completed their financing rounds in 2017.

44 token, which previously was estimated at $1 billion, are currently “at the bottom” of the market because of almost zero liquidity and no information about the fate of these projects is not available.

We will remind, in August the financing of the ICO project has reached the minimum indicators over the last 16 months of the initial placement of the coins could attract only $326 million in August 2018, which is the lowest level since may of 2017.

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