Supermen, aliens and God, as described in the last message of Stephen Hawking


Rise up against us artificial intelligence? As editing of genes will create a new human race? Does God exist? What threats are waiting for the Earth? Legendary physicist found the answers to these questions. (And they can to scare you.)

Today’s sale comes in the book who died in March, legendary physicist Stephen Hawking’s “Short answers to big questions” (Brief Answers to the Big Questions). In it a scientist talks about the superhumans, an artificial intelligence (AI), God, the main threats to the Earth and other interesting things. The Sunday Times published extracts from the last work of a brilliant scientist.

Artificial intelligence

Hawking warns on the need to regulate the development of AI, noting that “in the future AI will be able to develop their own will that would come into conflict with ours.” He writes that a possible race to build Autonomous weapons need to be nipped in the Bud, and wonders what would happen if weapons, there was a story similar to the stock market crash of 2010, when as a result of abuses of the American stock exchange has lost about a trillion dollars. He continues:

“In short, the emergence of artificial superintelligence would be either the best or worst event in the history of mankind. In the case of artificial intelligence should not be afraid of evil intent, and quality of work, because such AI would be great to achieve their goals, which do not necessarily coincide with ours. For example, you probably don’t ruin the nests, but if you need to build in any area of the hydroelectric power plant, then Woe to the ant who would be nearby. Let’s not put humanity in the position of the ants”.

The gloomy future of the Earth, the edit genes and supermen

The bad news: in the next 1000 years the Earth will suffer from either nuclear war or global environmental catastrophe. And, although at this point the “genius of our race will find a way to shake off the bonds of their native planet, and thus survives a catastrophe”, but other animals can not survive.

The people who will be saved in this disaster are likely to be representatives of the race of superhumans resulting from genetic engineering, but it will be only a part of humanity. When laws prohibiting genetic modification of human will be abolished, the elect will be able to improve memory, increase resistance to diseases and life expectancy in General.

To this Hawking, apparently, is enthusiastic: “We can’t wait until evolution will make us smarter and healthier — it’s too slow”.

“As soon as they appear super-people, ordinary people will have a problem, because they become uncompetitive, and either die, or will be just useless. Instead, they will have a race of creatures that will continually to improve themselves. Gradually she will inhabit other planets and the stars.”

Intelligent life in space

Hawking admits that you can offer several different explanations of why people haven’t discovered intelligent life. Here it comes not so far, it seems likely that we just “missed” the existing forms of intelligent life.

Does God exist?

No, says Hawking.

“Whether our universe was chosen by God for some reasons unknown to us, or it is subject to the laws of nature? I believe the second version. Those interested can call the laws of nature by God, but it is not a personalized God with whom you can meet and talk.”

The main threat to Earth

The number one threat is the fall of the asteroid, like the one that killed the dinosaurs. However, Hawking writes that the protection we do not yet have. A second, more urgent threat: climate change. Scientist says: “the Increased ocean temperatures will lead to melting ice caps and the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide that can make the climate similar to Venus, with its temperature 250° C”.

The best idea, you can count on humanity

The energy of thermonuclear fusion. Here’s a clean source of energy that will not affect the climate and will not contaminate the Ground.

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