Survey Reveals Reluctance to Disclose

You May Not Know Your Favorite Musician Is Using AI, According to Recent Survey

A recent survey with more than 1,000 artists reveals that almost half of the participants would not tell their fans that they are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create their music.

“In a recent survey of more than 1,000 artists, we found that only 48% would be transparent about their use of AI in creating songs or records,” the report stated.

Musicians Silent on AI Use

A recent survey interviewing 1,141 artists from the United Kingdom, United States, and Germany revealed that nearly 25% of these musicians have already experimented with AI.

Additionally, nearly half of the artists who had not yet experimented with AI expressed openness to integrating it into their music and content in the future.


“Among those who hadn’t yet, 46% expressed their willingness to consider using AI music tools in the future.”

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On the other hand, more than half of the respondents expressed concerns about their fans’ reactions to learning they now incorporate AI in music creation.

“53% of respondents had concerns about how their audience might perceive music created with the assistance of AI.”

AI Prevalence in the Music World

The survey revealed AI’s primary utilization in the music creation process, with a focus on songwriting and composition. 

Stages where artists found AI to be most beneficial. Source: Pirate

However, artists found AI most valuable in crafting lyrics. Subsequently, AI played a significant role in research and inspiration, followed by beat and rhythm generation.

While artists debate over how AI can be used and whether it will affect their fans’ perception of them, it can also help bring otherwise dead art to life.

BeInCrypto recently reported on The Beatles’ use of AI to release a new song, reviving the late John Lennon’s vocals from an old recording. 

The AI tool supported Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in enhancing Lennon’s vocals from a low-quality mono recording.

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