Swiss Bank Maerki Baumann will work with cryptocurrency


Swiss Bank Maerki Baumann will work with cryptocurrency

Maerki Baumann will begin accepting scriptactive that was earned in the field of crypto-business. This move is contrary to the General policy of the Swiss banks are quite wary of the virtual currency. The main reason is the unknown origin of the assets.

In the Bank Maerki Baumann this decision comment as a response to the demand presented by the market. Previously, crypto-enthusiasts from Switzerland transferred their funds in the neighboring Principality of Liechtenstein, where Bank Frick Liechtenstein provided them with crypto services and assistance in crypto investment activity. Maerki Baumann does not offer services direct investment in cryptocurrencies, but ready to advise their clients on this field.

So, Maerki Baumann became the second Bank in Switzerland after Falcon Private Bank, working with cryptocurrencies.

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