Swiss Forex Dukascopy Bank intends ICO


Swiss Forex Dukascopy Bank intends ICO

Whatever you say, and mutual penetration of traditional Finance and new technologies gives the most unexpected results.

Should we say goodbye to the ICO as news headlines, and then suddenly it turns out that the placement of tokens is planning a Swiss Bank, even focused mainly on Forex trading.

Dukascopy Bank has announced that it has submitted a bid to host ICO in the Management oversight of the operations of the financial market Switzerland (FINMA). The document provides for the release of 20 billion Dukascoins — tokens on the Ethereum platform for attracting investment in the development of mobile banking.

The Bank promised that five free tokens will go to each user Mobile Current Account or instant messenger Connect 911. Each register on the link will get 5 tokens, while the Bank when such an operation — 10.

It is assumed that Bank customers will be able to list each other these tokens the same as any other, will also have the opportunity to buy or sell tokens. Dukascopy also intends to sell large lots Dukascoin — from 100 thousand and more, using the fill or kill, that is the order buy or sell, which should be immediately carried out. Thus, the Bank hopes to provide an active turnover of its token.

It is assumed that the token release will take place in the next three months, i.e. until the end of 2018.

The plans for the near future starting your own stablon Dukasnotes, which will be associated to the cryptocurrency, however, it is unknown to what kind.

This is, apparently, the first ICO in the banking sector, making the project quite remarkable.

In addition, the Bank says it has representative offices and in the former USSR, including in Moscow, Kiev and Riga, which makes the project more interesting for the audience Hash#Telegraph.

Well, let’s follow the news. However, in our latitudes, Dukascopy is better known not as a provider of banking services and as a Forex broker, and customer reviews about his service, to put it mildly, ambiguous.

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