Swissquote is the first Swiss Bank has offered its customers to participate in ICO


Swissquote is the first Swiss Bank has offered its customers to participate in ICO

Representatives of the Swiss banking group even claim to the world championship in this discipline — until now, banks were engaged in money and securities, and tried to stay away from tokens.

Swissquote clients will be able to become parties to the ICO using an online platform of your Bank. No additional procedures, and technical difficulties is not planned — registered users will just get to buy the token-ICO for Swiss francs held in the account.

The Bank undertakes the technical support of the transaction and the storage of purchased tokens. A trial balloon will be LakeDiamond ICO, structures related to EPFL, i.e. the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Lausanne. Profile LakeDiamond — manufacture of artificial diamonds, which are then used for technical purposes in other industries.

The buyer of the token gets a certain amount of working time spent on the production of these diamonds by chemical vapor deposition from the gas phase in special reactors. Just LakeDiamond plans to issue tokens to 60.5 million francs ($60,8 million). Received funds will be invested in the expansion of production, particularly in the purchase of another 50 reactors.

The minimum quantity of tokens available for purchase — 60 units, the cost is 33 francs. During the presales phase from 22 October to 11 December, customers who buy tokens will get one token for every 10 purchased, until the total value of the sold tokens reaches 4 million francs.

“Our philosophy is the democratization of the financial sector with services that are understandable and accessible to everyone, — said CEO of Swissquote mark Burke. — Now we offer our customers the opportunity to help grow start-UPS”.

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