“Synergy” has started to record the learning outcomes in the blockchain


“Synergy” has started to record the learning outcomes in the blockchain

University “synergy” and the Bitfury Group has created a registry on the blockchain the platform for storing information about the results of the educational process, the documents on education and qualification.

“Synergy” became the first educational institution to implement technology in their activities. The University has already moved to the new registry all the data for the last eighteen years. Now the organization is testing the final product, and will soon add it to its official website, allowing you to read it to everyone.

Innovation allows us to exclude the possibility of manipulation included in the blockchain, it is easy to check the history record, the authenticity of the document and find out who added it to the registry. Further, it is planned to integrate the technology into the entire educational structure of the University, from the student’s enrollment, prior to its release. Over the next year “synergy” together with Bitfury will take on the platform, the entire automated database of the educational process for each student.

We will remind that the Federation Council has proposed to introduce tax holidays for all trades with CFA until 2025.

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