Team Bakkt announced the upcoming contracts on bitcoin futures


Team Bakkt announced the upcoming contracts on bitcoin futures

Team the long-awaited platform Bakkt has released an ad for the cryptocurrency and investment community, announced its first contracts for bitcoin futures on terms of physical calculations.

Representatives Bakkt tweeted:

Our first contracts for bitcoin futures will be on the terms of physical calculations against Fiat currencies — the us dollar (USD), British pound (GBP) and Euro (EUR). For example, the purchase of one futures contract on USD/BTC will entitle the client to obtain one bitcoin to your account.

In early August, the company Intercontinental Exchange (owner of the new York stock exchange), in partnership with Microsoft, Starbucks, BCG and other companies promised to launch in November Bakkt platform, which aims to establish a global network, which allows investors, traders and consumers to buy, sell, store and spend digital currency is simple, effective and safe way.

The creation of this specialized platform is a prerequisite, through which the SEC can approve the bitcoin ETF in the near future. Now Bakkt with the support of ICE seeks to solve the problem of storage of funds of large institutional investors. Previously, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission has repeatedly emphasized that the lack of large facilities providing storage services can be one of the main reasons ETF for bitcoins.

CNBC analyst Brian Kelly, commented on the imminent release Bakkt on the market:

This is big news. I think that the market is not priced appropriately. Why create Bakkt is the news of the year for bitcoin? Because the company is paving the way for a bitcoin ETF. Last week I said that the bitcoin ETF will not receive approval. The Winklevoss brothers were refused. Why? Because the United States was not regulated exchange and were not a regulated service to store bitcoins.

Many cryptanalysts are now saying that in November, the bitcoin is waiting for a new breakthrough. They attribute this to the long-awaited launch Bakkt, which is scheduled for Nov.

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