Team Siacoin introduced a new code. It will block ASIC-miners


At the end of October, global network refresh project. After that, the production of the token will only be possible with the help of equipment from the company is Nebulous

The developers of cryptocurrency Siacoin published code that will be used during hard forks to make it impossible for mining Aldona using devices from the company Bitmain and Innosilicon. Production of the token will only be possible using the processors Obelisk from startup Nebulous, writes CoinDesk.

Previously released Bitmain miner to Siacoin called AntMiner R3, and large pool company AntPool added support Aldona in January 2018. Representatives Siacoin reminded that all users, who want to remain in the core network, you must upgrade before 31 October — the day and planned to spend hardwork.

The team of cryptocurrency has announced a global network refresh after a long debate within the community. Harford could take place in early 2018, but the company refused to.

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