Ten cities for holders of bitcoin, or there is No Fiat — no problem


Ten cities for holders of bitcoin, or there is No Fiat — no problem

Investopedia listed ten cities in the world where everyone who owns bitcoin (no Fiat), not only to survive but to enjoy life. So, here is the list of tourist cities with “the most powerful presence of bitcoin”.

1. San Francisco, USA

In a city with 837 000 inhabitants 29 bitcoin ATM and 177 retail outlets that accept the cryptocurrency. This is not surprising, given the fact that it houses the largest cryptocurrency exchange in USA Coinbase.

2. Vancouver, Canada

According to a recent report from the Bank of Canada, 5% of people in the country own bitcoins. Vancouver has 86 retailers accepting bitcoin, and 48 cryptomate enjoyed by locals and travelling cryptoanalysis.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here located BitPay and Bitfury, and this is one of the most friendly to cryptocurrencies European capitals. The city’s 74 outlets accepting bitcoins, and a bitcoin ATM.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana with a population of 272 000 people, the smallest town on the list. However, there are five cryptomate and 51 point takes the main cryptocurrency for payment.

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

In Israel there is also growing bitcoin community. In the financial center of tel Aviv there are four bitcoin ATMs, crypto currency, you can pay in 58 locations.

6. Zurich, Switzerland

There are many financial institutions and you will see 64 outlets and eight bitcoin ATMs, which serve a local population of 366 000 people as well as tourists.

7. Tampa, USA

This city is not well known in the FINTECH community, nevertheless in Tampa there are 13 bitcoin ATMs and 93 outlets to accept bitcoin, and that’s more than many major U.S. cities.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

In countries experiencing financial crisis, cryptocurrency become a lifeline. This is true for Argentina. 130 points of its capital accept bitcoin. Cryptomate in three.

9. New York, USA

New York is known for its strict financial regulation. Cryptocurrency here you can pay in 122 areas, and 8.4 million inhabitants (and tourists) have 117 cryptomate.

10. London, UK

In the UK capital you’ll find 88 different establishments that accepts bitcoin, cryptocurrency and 74 ATMs serving a population of 8.3 million people. In London there are such well-known startups like Coinfloor and Elliptic, and extremely active bitcoin community.

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