Terminal Pundi X will allow thousands of restaurants and shops to accept payments in cryptocurrency


The company Pundi X, who created a portable point of sale device operating in the NEM blockchain and allows retailers to accept payments in any of the 15 supported cryptocurrencies, has announced that it will soon hold a supply of 4000 devices in stores in South East Asia and Europe. In addition, the startup has already received 500 orders from 31 countries.

Pundi X allows bilateral transactions Fiat to cryptocurrency and Vice versa – through Xplugin API associated with bloccano NEM. The latter is widely used in the financial sector and is based on the concept of public and private networks. Contact the registry, users can connect to their digital wallets, and even send special requests on smart contracts. All this allows to speed up the process of crypto-currency transactions and improve their security.

Overall Pundi X is an advanced system of accounting for and control resources and assets, and has built-in sharing feature of cryptocurrencies. The terminal is equipped with a credit card scanner, a display and an accessory keyboard. From Pundi X also has a camera that allows the shops to take pictures, when required by the law on verification of customers. The weight of the device is small and installed on the Android version allows you to work with blockchain-based applications.

Startup showed the device in action at a recent Consensus conference in Singapore.

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