Tether released 50 million USDT


The company released the Tether 50 million tokens USDT. Thus, the total market capitalization of the coin reached$2.4 billion.

As before, the release of new party of the USDT has a positive impact on quotes. Bitcoin in minutes soared by about $400 to $6455 at the peak. Note that this market is in the decline stage, and the release USDT allowed to depart from the important support level of $6000. However, each issue of tokens Tether only temporarily raises quotes, so this event should not be regarded as positive.

Twitter users noticed that the release of 50 million USDT occurred almost simultaneously with the emergence of high-green candles pair: BTC/USDT on the Bitfinex team. This persuaded society to believe that USDT were transferred directly to the wallet of the exchange.

In addition, after the release of an additional batch of Tether 53% of transactions with bitcoin on all exchanges was conducted in tandem with USDT. This forced once again to think about monopolization on the market.

Note that already in 6 hours after takeoff, bitcoin lost $200 almost as quickly as it had increased in price.

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