Thai authorities have arrested the main suspect in cryptoscheme on 5564 BTC


In Thailand arrested the main suspect in bitcoin fraud, which a Finnish investor AARNI Otava, Saaremaa lost 5564 BTC (about $24 million at the time), reports the Bangkok Post.

Prinia Jaravia detained on October 11 in Bangkok international airport Suvarnabhumi.

Arrested a 35-year-old Prinya Jaravia in the center.

According to Thai authorities, the detainee lived for some time in the United States of America. Shortly before the relocation of Parigny Thai authorities arrested his younger brother, actor Direttissima “Boom” Garavalia, who also participated in the Scam.

Thai police previously suggested Parigné Gravidity to surrender voluntarily until September 17, but the suspect range not used. After that, at the request of law enforcement authorities of the foreign Ministry has revoked the passport of Prini that made him stay in the U.S. illegal. The Thai Embassy in the United States organized the suspect return flight to Bangkok.

Prinia, Darvicet suspected fraud conspiracy and money laundering.

Recall that shortly after the Scam, the head of the Thai Central Bank defended the cryptocurrency, stressing that the latter are not associated with the Scam projects directly.

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