Thai police have arrested a large cryptomelane


Thai police have arrested a large cryptomelane

A young actor with accomplices lied to foreign investors. The total damage amounted to $24 million.

Thai police arrested a 27-year-old actor Geratest Garabieta (Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit), which is suspected of fraud with cryptocurrency in the amount of $24 million reported by the local edition Bangkok Post.

According to law enforcement, Giratina is one of the seven suspects, which also included his older brother and sister. On 26 July, the court issued a warrant for his arrest following a statement by the resident of Finland, who accused him of money laundering. He claims that the actor fraudulently forced the foreigners to take part in investing 797 million baht (nearly us $24 million). The suspect was arrested, but pleaded not guilty.

The actor convinced the victims to invest in the shares of the investing company Dragon Coin. However, depositors have not received any dividends nor the promised invitation to the annual shareholders ‘ meeting.

During the investigation it became known that the attackers appropriated captainvalor of bitcoins, converted them into local currency and transferred to your Bank account.

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