Thailand will introduce a duty for electricity suppliers to the markets of the Blockchain




Thai officials have developed new rules that require suppliers of electricity that use the Blockchain technology was charged an additional fee. Regulators in the government fear that an increase in independent energy production can lead to a reduction in state revenues.

Recently, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) called for the payment of additional fees as subsidies to counteract the potentially destabilizing effects.

In Thailand, the number of households powered by solar energy, is growing rapidly, and the energy regulatory Commission (ERC) called for the development of regulations that will ensure fair trade of energy to all.

In the country has increased the number of companies that allow homeowners to profit for the supply of energy from the solar panels on the roofs of houses, thanks to the Blockchain technology. This new generation of companies is draining the profits of state-owned utilities through buying and selling excess energy on a decentralized P2P markets.

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