“The adoption of cryptocurrencies really” up To 5% of Canadians own bitcoins


“The adoption of cryptocurrencies really” up To 5% of Canadians own bitcoins

According to the newspaper Bitcoinist, in July of this year, 500,000 people in Ontario owned by the cryptocurrency. Calculations were made on the basis of a survey of more than 2,500 residents the securities Commission of Ontario (OSC).

CEO of Bylls Francis Polo emphasizes that numerous studies show that 3 to 5% of Canadians own bitcoins. He says:

Forget about the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Four studies of the securities Commission of Ontario and the Central Bank of Canada show that 3-5% of Canadians own bitcoins. The adoption of bitcoin is real.

However, the main reason for which respondents acquire bitcoins has changed. If in 2016 people are buying coins for different transactions, from 2017 began to do so with the purpose of investment.

According to one study, awareness of the population of Canada about bitcoin is growing steadily. For example, in 2016— 2017 years, it increased from 64 to 85%.

Global trend

Various reports and studies show that set out not only true for Canada. In July of this year, the study by Wells Fargo and Gallup called Investor and Retirement Optimism Index showed that about 2% of American investors own bitcoins.

The analysis of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, suggests that 42.8% of investors intend to store your cryptocurrency assets over a long period.

As for Europe, one of the research in Germany demonstrate this: 44% of German consumers aware of bitcoin. There are reports that even the crown Prince of Liechtenstein expressed its interest in investing in the cryptocurrency.

Another country that has a serious interest in cryptocurrencies, is Japan. In April dedicated to virtual currencies, the survey showed that 14% of working youth in the country to invest in cryptocurrencies. Recently the cryptocurrency industry in Japan shifted to self-regulation.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in a recent study at Yale University, the results of which were published by the Economics Professor Aleh Tsyvinski, it is concluded that investor portfolios should contain at least 6% in bitcoin.

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