The Australian startup has offered to put the little thing in cryptocurrency


Bamboo Australian startup is preparing to take the change left over from the electronic transactions, and to invest it in bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency portfolios. This strategy is reminiscent of what the app already offers Raiz, formerly known as Acorns.

The company expects that its new app will give people enhanced access to investment opportunities and deepen understanding of new technologies that will lead to significant changes in the financial sector.

The app will be launched this year in Australia and in the United States, but Bamboo is already looking further: her eyes turned to potential markets in developing countries.

According to the head of the company Phil George, the startup also intends to distribute its microinvestitionen services for goods and property. George believes that tech-savvy young people in developing countries are of great value as a potential project participants.

He notes:

Raiz makes a public phenomenon, to which hedge funds and companies that manage capital, previously opened only to customers with high net worth. Robin Hood — the application that facilitates trade, and on platforms where earlier, just to make a trade, you had to have at least $100,000. Now this is enough for $5. Application of micropayments is the first and most obvious, what are we doing to provide these opportunities to everyone.

Colton Dillon and Taylor Culberston two specialists, the knowledge of which play a key role in the operations of the Bamboo. Both were among the founders of the team Acorns in the United States, led a team of developers and defined strategy.

According to George, these professionals can be of great help to the company, which is gearing for the launch of the application. According to representatives of Bamboo, it has already expressed interest in more than 4,100 of the future users.

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