The Australian was arrested for stealing 100 000 tokens Ripple


The Australian was arrested for stealing 100 000 tokens Ripple

Thursday, 25 October, Australia was arrested on 23— year-old resident of Sydney, suspected of kidnapping coins Ripple (XRP), which cost at the time of the crime around 450 000 Australian dollars ($318 000). As CC Press reports, the arrest was carried out in the framework of the ten-month investigation into the theft of 100,000 coins XRP.

Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, the value of the stolen tools is currently only 45 000 Australian dollars. According to the latest information, the Ripple coin is trading at $0,454.

56— year-old victim contacted police after he discovered that his email hacked and he can’t access your cryptocurrency wallet. Restoring access, he was convinced that someone stole all his savings and moved 100,000 coins on the Chinese crypto currency exchange.

Later, the offender (rather, criminal) convert funds to bitcoins. Other details of the police RAID was not disclosed.

In neighboring Australia, New Zealand systematically committed crimes related to digital currencies. Recently, the network appeared fake website, which used the identity of the Prime Minister of the country to promote cryptocurrency startup.

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