The Bank of Japan has no plans to release cryptocurrency


Bitria “news” of the Bank of Japan has no plans to release cryptocurrency

The representative of the Bank of Japan Masayoshi Amamiya believes that the issue of the cryptocurrency will not contribute to increasing the efficiency of the monetary policy of the Central Bank, reports the New York Times.

In theory, cryptocurrency will be easier to charging interest in making money from firms, pushing, thus, to spend more than store tools. Amamiya believes that it will have to liquidate all of the cash from residents of Japan. But in this situation, residents will be able to convert cryptocurrency into cash, not to pay the interest.

As stated by Amamiya, the Bank plans to issue a national digital currency, which can be used to make payments daily.

At the moment none Centralny the Bank does not maintain digital assets, as people now rarely use the cryptocurrency for daily payment, and are mostly a means for investment.

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