The bears on the stock market! 3 reasons why it’s good


Kai Sedgwick, an expert on p2p exchanges and darkweb, sure to protracted bearish trend should be treated calmly, and investors not perceive it as a gift. After all, a bear market can bring great benefits.

Bitcoin and almost all of the top tokens once again moved into the red zone. For a long time the stock market is experiencing a downturn. Total capitalization falls below the current index is equal to 213 billion dollars. Hope and faith in the prospects of the BTC weakens even the most ardent supporters of the cryptocurrency. However, far-sighted experts advise not to fall into despair. And “bear” markets, you can extract some bonuses.

Bad coin die first
Bear markets are good that separates a strong from a weak draft and weed out those coins that are losing ground. And show the success and viability of a new ICO project. The main use of “bear” markets that “fake” coins for them to die first. Skam-projects fall faster and recover more slowly when conditions improve. Kai Sedgwick is sure that, first and foremost, a bear market is killing the worst.

Investors are beginning to understand who to believe
People who call themselves experts and cryptanalysts, a lot of. Find in this list a real professional is not so easy. When things on the stock market is going well, social media and specialized platforms are overfilled with positive forecasts. However, when the going gets tough, the experts start to merge.

Professional traders have stopped giving advice and focused on publishing a variety of garbage, and less than scrupulous “experts” silently delete your past tweets, predicting that scriptactive fly to the moon.

A bear market provides an excellent opportunity to understand who to trust: those who never made a mistake, and those who are willing to admit mistakes and escapes on a long vacation, when the market ceases to please.

Investors and traders are good opportunity to learn
According to Kai to Sedgewick, at the peak of mania, as at the end of 2017, there is neither the time nor the motivation to understand the intricacies of trading. You can print the first page of CoinMarketCap, to hang on the wall, throw a dart and be sure that the selected coin will bring a profit. But during a bear market, when profits are only a few traders, it’s time to educate ourselves. To learn technical analysis, learn leverazh or how to recognize the changing market trends. Or using deep research to look for coins that are able to fly to the moon. The effort will be repaid with interest when a bullish market will come into law.

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