The Belgian blacklist cryptocurrency Scam is constantly growing


The Belgian blacklist cryptocurrency Scam is constantly growing

October 26 service of the financial services and markets authority of Belgium (FSMA) has added to its blacklist of potential fraudulent cryptocurrency project 21 website. Now it appears the 99 resources.

The regulator says that scammers often appeal to investors once they show interest in the advertisement in social networks or on websites, and leave a phone number or email address. Contact with the “seller” or “consultant” to guide them to a specific resource. Especially active such scams in social networks, e.g. Facebook, in connection with which the Belgian regulator urges investors with care by liking, since this may lead to the launch of this scenario.

Sometimes investors get a phone call and without any prior initiatives. This technique is known as a cold call (with an unknown person with a view to interest him in the product or service). During the conversation, the scammers offer the victim allegedly reliable, simple and very profitable investment, ensuring assistance “experienced consultants”.

The proposals noted by the regulators, can be very different: to purchase crypto-currencies, open an account based on digital currencies, to enter into an agreement with the management investment company, to participate in ICO. Regardless of the fact project sound typical promises: a high rate of return (usually around 8% a month or more), the ability to easily withdraw funds at any time, guarantee the preservation of the deposits, at least initially, even in the case of market failure. Of course, all the promises are false.

An updated list of fraudulent cryptocurrency sites FSMA

Belgian regulator began publishing a black list in February of this year. A few weeks later the example of their neighbours was followed by France, where the scammers also resort to various tricks.

So, in June the French Committee for the supervision of financial market and warned the public against a certain Stephen Delaplace, who argued that working in this Department and intends to attract investments in the trading platform working via www.union— The regulator said that the staff member they have, and this trading platform is not authorized to work with the citizens of France.

Committee on supervision of the financial market gave all the information about the episode to the Prosecutor.

The black list of the French regulator

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