The best altcoins last week


The best altcoins last week

Please note these Champions among altcoins, which showed excellent results last week. They once again proved that sometimes, to get a profit, you need to look with the top five on a less popular cryptocurrency.


In late September the exchange rate of the token Electroneum reached a three-month high. Cryptocurrency Electroneum was the result of hard forks of the Monero network. The developers appealed to the exchanges with a request to suspend the ability to make deposits in that currency to the project team managed to check your system for errors. On the night of 27 September, the representatives of Electroneum reported that they adjusted the code, and the system is running in full operation. This could lead to a rise Aldona.


Last token Cortex showed the best result among the hundred leading cryptocurrency.

Cortex (CTXC) is the token platform based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The developers of the project believe that by using AI to improve smart contracts. For this they have created a special mechanism that allows you to integrate artificial intelligence into smart contracts.

In addition, the Cortex platform, you can develop and sell your own products with the involvement of AI. There is also a special community called Cortex Intelligence Inference Framework that deals with machine learning around the world.

At 18:30 GMT 9 Oct Cortex trading at $0,337.


Good results last week showed a token of Aurora. This is a blockchain platform for building smart contracts to ensure interaction of such industries as computer games, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

Each application Aurora operates in isolation from others — this unique solution allows you to maintain parallel interactions at multiple levels without overloading the system and to ensure safety. The company recently opened an office in Germany and then launched an extensive Bounty program.

At 18:30 GMT 9 Oct Aurora trading at $0,024.

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