The Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 18%, analysis and technical analysis




There was solid buying interest incurred on the $ 450 Cash for Bitcoin. Pair BCH / USD started moving up and traded above resistance levels 460 and $ 470 . The price was positive, as the price has increased more than 20 percent and fell above the 100-hour simple moving average. The rally was such that the price broke the barrier of $ 500.

More importantly, the uptrend was launched after yesterday’s emphatic important bearish trend line was broken through resistance at level 442 of the dollar on the hourly chart the pair BCH/USD. The pair was trading above $ 550, and then started correcting the fall. The level of $ 500 has previously been resistance, and now it acts as support.

Looking at the schedule , BCH good price is trading with a bullish displacement above the level of $ 500. While the price is above 485 and $ 500, can hope for a good profit.

Key points

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